AFRL Regional Network 2023 Call #2 Winners!

AFRL Regional Network 2023 Call #2 Winners!

Published On: September 12, 2023Categories: Awards, Funding

Congratulations to all our awardees for Funding Call #2. Two winners will be announced each day the week of September 11-15, 2023. Thank you to everyone that submitted a proposal and we look forward to our next funding call later this year!


Awarded Project:
“Robust Microelectronic Interconnects for Wearable Conductive Microneedle Biosensors Fabricated via A Novel Additive Manufacturing and Electrochemical Deposition Approach”

Dr. Russell Kirk Pirlo, University of Dayton

Dr. Trevor Tilly, USAF AFMC 711
Evan Johnson, MS, AFMC 711
On-Chip LLC, AFRL-Regional Hub Network – Midwest partner



Awarded Project:
“Tunnel Noise Modeling with Machine Learning”

Dr. Lian Duan, The Ohio State University


Matthew Borg, AFRL
Matthew Tufts, AFRL
Prof. Jian-Xun Wang, University of Notre Dame
Prof. Thomas Juliano, University of Notre Dame


Awarded Project:
“Implementation of High-Rate State Estimation Algorithms”

Dr. Simon Laflamme, Iowa State University

Dr. Jacob Dodson, AFRL
Dr. Austin Downey, University of South Carolina



Awarded Project:
“Machine-Learning Modeling of Solid Propellant Mechanical Properties”

Dr. Alejandro Strachan, Purdue University
Daniel Klinger, Purdue University
Tim Manship, Purdue University

Tim Miller, AFRL
Brandon Terry, Adranos, AFRL Regional Hub Network – Midwest member


Awarded Project:
“In‐Space Laser Welding of High‐Performance Alloys”

Dr. Antonio Ramirez, The Ohio State University

Andrew Gillman, AFRL
Arlene Smith, AFRL
James Hardin, AFRL
Katie Acord, AFRL
Andrew Hamilton, AFRL
Jeff Sowards, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Chris Protz, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Karen Taminger, NASA Langley Research Center
Eric Brizes, NASA Glenn Research Center
Boyd Panton, The Ohio State University
Ali Nassiri, The Ohio State University
David Williams, The Ohio State University
Kaue Riffel, The Ohio State University

Awardee #6

Awarded Project:
“High-Temperature, Radiation-Tolerant Diamond Power Electronics for Air Force and Space Force Applications”

Dr. Paul Quayle, Great Lakes Crystal Technologies

Dr. Joseph Merrett, AFRL
Dr. Thaddeus J. Asel, AFRL
Professor Tim Grotjohn, Michigan State University


Awardee #7

Awarded Project:
“Novel Asynchronous Infrared ROIC for

Neuromorphic-Enabled Image-Processing Architecture (NAIRNIA)”

Ramy Tantawy, SenseICs Corporation

Collaboration Team:

Charles Reyner, AFRL

Waleed Khalil, The Ohio State University


Awardee #8

Awarded Project:
“High-Dimensional Design Study of Conceptual Hypersonic Vehicles Using Physics-Informed Machine Learning”

Dr. Harok Bae, Wright State University

Jonathan D. Boston, AFRL
Dr. Justin Clough, AFRL
Dr. Jose A. Camberos, AFIT


Awardee #9

Awarded Project:
“Hypersonic Leading Edge Thermal Protection”
David Turner, Azimuth Corporation
Rick Hubbard, Azimuth Corporation


James Matthew Mann, AFRL
Anter El-Azab, Purdue University




Awardee #10

Awarded Project:

“Multistable Structures Design Tool for Morphing Hypersonic Waveriders”
Andres F. Arrieta, Purdue University
Rodney Trice, Purdue University


Philip Buskohl, AFRL
Nathan Hertlein, AFRL,
Canopy Aerospace Inc.
and Stratolaunch LLC




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