How do I join the Network?
Joining is simple. Click the “Join” tab above. Fill out the form, and we will be in contact.

What do I get for joining the Network?
As a member of the network, you will have access to collaboration opportunities, events, news, and funding calls (see below for details).

Must I be “in region” to be a member?
Absolutely not! We welcome non-regional members. You can collaborate with us. You can attend events. We will also help you connect with an AFRL scientist and/or engineer.

What states are considered “in region” for the Midwest?
The Midwest States were defined by the AFRL as Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

How can I be more involved in the Network?
If you are interested in hosting an event to expand the network and increase your collaboration opportunities, please email


Where can I find information on your funding calls?
Please check the tab listed “Funding”. We will have three calls this year.

What metrics will I be judged on?
Please see the metrics sheet on the “Funding” tab. We encourage our reviewers to stick closely to the metrics.

Must I have an AFRL collaborator before submitting a proposal?
Yes, you must have an interested collaborator prior to submission. If you need an AFRL collaborator, please click the “Tech Connect” tab above. Be sure to include “Midwest Network” in your subject line.

Does my AFRL collaborator have to be military or a civil servant? Can a contractor suffice?

Yes, your AFRL collaborator MUST be military or a civil servant. Contractors do not meet the requirement.

Does my AFRL collaborator need to be located in the Midwest region also?

No, you may collaborate with an AFRL scientist or engineer from any AFRL location.

Can I submit CUI or Distribution limited materials as part of my proposal?
No, if you have any CUI or Distribution limited proposals, please contact in order to receive our CUI email address. Please DO NOT add CUI/Distribution limited materials to Qualtrics. Please DO NOT send CUI/Distribution limited materials to the mailbox.

How do you protect my intellectual property?
Our team have all signed non-disclosure agreements. Further, we require all reviewers to sign non-disclosure agreements. Your intellectual property is important to us, and we do our best to make sure that it remains yours!

Must I be a network member to apply for funding?
Yes, applying to become a member is easy. Simply click the “Join” button above. You must be a member prior to submitting a proposal.

Must I be in the Midwest to submit a proposal for funding?
Yes, however, if you are not “in region,” you may partner with a member who is “in region.” The bulk of the monies must be executed in the Midwest. The Regional Midwest partner must submit the proposal under their name.

Can I apply for more funding if I’m already being funding?
No, at this time, we request that you not apply for further funding (This includes applying as a co-PI on another proposal). Our funding is limited, and we would like it to have as great an impact as possible.


What are my deliverables if I receive funding?
We are starting an exciting new program. We have hired a Digital Content Specialist to assist you in creating a video deliverable. This video deliverable will then be yours to use as PR for your research. We hope to make this process easy for you, as the Digital Content Specialist will be responsible for editing your raw videos into a final product. You will not be required to write a full report. You may need to include any proprietary or CUI material in an addendum. You will also be required to complete a financial report.

Is my funding guaranteed?
All funding is contingent upon security checks, availability and is at the discretion of the AFRL Regional Network – Midwest.

Am I guaranteed to receive future funding increments?
No, incremental funding is contingent upon progress reviews, security checks, availability and is at the discretion of the AFRL Regional Network – Midwest.


How can I be connected to an AFRL partner scientist and/or engineer?
Please click the “Tech Connect” link above. Be sure to include “Midwest Network” in your subject line.

Am I guaranteed that an AFRL scientist or engineer will partner on my project?
No, AFRL must have a need for your project for you to be connected.