Great Lakes Crystal Technologies

Great Lakes Crystal Technologies (GLCT) is focused on providing high-quality diamond materials for advanced, non-gemstone applications such as quantum, high-power electronics, advanced optics, and advanced detectors. GLCT’s vision is a future in which advanced crystalline diamond materials bring about broad based benefits in a multitude of applications throughout the world, and GLCT’s mission is to be the leading provider of high-performance diamond materials enabling these high-technology applications. GLCT was spun out of Michigan State University (MSU) in 2019, and is proud to be the only Designed in USA and Made in the USA provider of high quality diamond products. GLCT maintains an R&D facility in East Lansing and a strong presence in Chicago. GLCT aims to grow and expand in the Midwest (“Diamond Prairie”) to create both social and economic capital for the region while impacting US National Interests and humanity

This past June, GLCT closed a highly oversubscribed seed funding round, and the resulting funds are currently being used to build its Pilot Scale Plant–the Alliance Building–in East Lansing, Michigan and to increase the GLCT from four team members to 15. In the face of clear and high demand for high-quality diamond materials for quantum, electronics, and national security interests, GLCT is developing expansion plans for a 200-reactor facility in the Midwest. GLCT recognizes that such an endeavor is best when done in partnership with a variety of entities–both private and public–and is actively seeking partners to join our efforts to make the Midwest the capital of diamond and next-generation technologies.

The future for diamond and the US is bright. GLCT is working to ensure that future as both a founding member of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium and as a member of a variety of key technology hubs: the AFRL Midwest Hub Network, Silicon Crossroads Microelectronics Commons (SCMC) Hub, Midwest Microelectronics Consortium (MMEC), the Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE), the inaugural cohort of the Polsky Duality Accelerator Program, the UCSB NSF Quantum Foundry industrial advisory board, the Resilient Infrastructure + Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium, EDA Bloch (led by CQE announcement) and EDA MARS (MSU) (press release).


Great Lakes Crystal Technologies
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