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Academic Partners

The AFRL Midwest academic partners help ensure that research efforts address the needs of real-world applications. These partners provide important resources and valuable insight into potential applications for AFRL’s findings. By collaborating with these universities, AFRL can bring cutting-edge research to the military while also providing opportunities for students and faculty to engage with ground-breaking projects. We are proud of our Midwest academic partners and value their contributions to the mission.

Venture Partners

The AFRL venture partners program offers a unique opportunity for non-traditional partners, including entrepreneurs and investors, to bring their expertise and resources to the table. This broadens our reach into new markets and helps us gain access to cutting-edge technologies that will propel the Air Force mission.

Government Partners

The AFRL government partners enable us to develop innovative materials, technology, and engineering solutions that deliver advanced capabilities to those in uniform. Together, these partnerships let us explore new opportunities and tackle some of the most challenging technical problems facing the Air Force today.