Next, we would like to prepare your final evaluation. To make this process efficient, we have a panel of subject matter experts organized by subject. Presentations will take place over multiple days and decisions will then be made based on aggregate score. Each presentation will be 7 minutes with 3 minutes for questions (with a waiting room to let you in on time and moderator to ensure we maintain the schedule).

We would like you to record a video of you presenting your slides. We have found that videos as opposed to live presentations allow the presenter to relax and maximizes scoring. Please submit your video in mp4 format. I will provide a link when I send your presentation date and time.

Your presentation should last 7 minutes. Please be aware that at 7 minutes, we will stop you so that evaluators can ask any questions they may have. We also ask that you have no more than 6 slides total, addressing the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Title Slide – proposal title, name, organization, date, etc.
  2. Technical Merit
    1. Overall technical merit
    2. Is the problem the proposal addresses important?
    3. Will the project achieve stated objectives?
    4. Limitations and risks addressed and/or mitigated
    5. Outcomes explained and justified
  3. Transition
    1. Addresses scientific/technical transition
    2. Transition significance
    3. Key objectives obtainable in 6 month increments and 2 year proposal time period
    4. Plans for commercialization, production, follow-on?
  1. Mutual Interest
    1. Clearly address a technical need
    2. Aligns with AF mission and goals
    3. Strength of AF interest
    4. Impacts multiple areas (dual use) – Air Force, Space Force, commercial, manufacturing, etc.
  1. Collaboration
    1. Opportunities to embed (move) personnel
    2. Embedded personnel to receive training and/or mentorship
    3. AFRL S&E personnel to be integrated into research (not simply technical POC)
    4. Opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and/or partners
    5. Skill and knowledge transfer opportunities identified
  1. References, thank you, etc.

It is very important that you speak to the listed criteria in each slide because these are the criteria that the proposal will be evaluated on. You may not discuss additional funding during your presentation.

Everyone reviewing and participating in the evaluation process will have signed a non-disclosure agreement. This process cannot accommodate information marked with CUI, Distro B+, etc. If you will have information that requires these markings, please contact me immediately, because you will need to be accommodated using a separate evaluation process.

We will reach out to you to give you your presentation date and time. Once you are scheduled, you will be sent a Zoom meeting. The meeting will have a waiting room. You will be admitted when it is your turn. Please log in at least 15 minutes before you are scheduled to start in order to troubleshoot. Due to the tight schedule, we may not be able to accommodate late arrivals. A moderator will be in the meeting and will advance your slides for you, so all you need to do is focus on speaking to the evaluation panel or will play your video.

We are here to help and support in any way we are able. If you have any question about this process, please reach out to Amanda Ridge ( Thank you for proposing for this cycle. We look forward to learning more about the exciting technologies you are proposing on.